Frollo Link

Frollo Link allows you to use our web based or native themable UI to link customer banking and related accounts to the Frollo platform and quickly integrate CDR data into your existing app or website.


When utilising the Frollo Link UI you need to choose a flow the user will use. These flows are based around the actions the user needs to take when using the Frollo Link interface.

Currently the supported flows are:

  • Consent Linking - linking a data holder and providing consent
  • Consent Management - managing consent for a existing consents

Frollo Link Web


Frollo Link Web supports a number of ways of user authentication currently:

  • Passwordless authentication - passwordless authentication via redirect or magic link sent to emails can be supported - see Get User Passwordless Authentication Token
  • Username and password - utilising Frollo’s built-in OAuth2 iDP
  • Email OTP - user is emailed an OTP token and enters this to login


To use each flow you will need the entry point URL from the table below and construct this with your tenant’s subdomain. For example a user linking a new consent may navigate to the Consent Linking flow -

Flow Description Entry Point
Consent Linking The consent linking flow, allowing the user to link a consent or multiple consents with Data Holders /consent/link/start
Consent Management The consent management flow, allowing the user to manage, update and revoke existing consents with Data Holders /consent/dashboard


When calling the various flows there are several parameters that can be provided. These allow you to configure things like the redirect URL or utilise passwordless login.

Parameter Description Example
authorization_code Authorization code used for passwordless authentication. See Get User Passwordless Authentication Token authorization_code=8b142ceb-6a2d-470c-abf9-8064515e0bf1
context Provide a context string identifier that all Consents linked during a flow will be attributed with. Only applies to the Consent Linking flow and one will be generated automatically if not provided. context=86e98818-93cf-4a37-80f2-bc92dce922a9
redirect_url Redirect URL where the user will be taken at the end of the flow. Must be whitelisted. Only applies to the Consent Linking flow. redirect_url=

Frollo Link Native

See SDKS for more information on integrating the native Frollo Link SDK into your app.