CDR Gateway

The Frollo CDR Gateway provides the CDR data collection service, Frollo Link and APIs to retrieve CDR data.

Typical integration of the CDR Gateway will involve:

  1. Registering users in the Frollo platform
  2. Providing a way for users to link CDR accounts
  3. Setting up a webhook endpoint to receive events
  4. Fetching CDR data once users have linked accounts

User Management

CDR data and consents are tied to a user on the Frollo platform. This means a user must be created in the Frollo SIP before CDR accounts can be linked and CDR data retrieved. See the Create User API for more information on registering a user.

Account Linking and Consent Management

Integrating end user account linking and consent management from the CDR Gateway can be done in a number of ways allowing your business to find the best combination of speed to market, customisation and user experience.

Frollo Link Web

All of our account linking and consent management user interface components are available as a responsive web app which we can customise to your branding and host for you. This can easily be integrated into your mobile or web app depending on your use case.

Frollo Link Web Providers

Frollo Link Web comprises of a Consent Dashboard where users can manage existing and previous consents with CDR data holders and perform actions such as renewing consent or revoking it. The other part is account linking and giving consent. The Frollo Link UI is CDR approved for allowing end users to give consent to access their CDR data.

Frollo Link Web Integration

Integration is done by generating an Auth Redirect link using Management API then sending the link to the user or redirecting directly to the account linking flow or consent dashboard.

Frollo Link Mobile

Frollo Link is a native mobile SDK that can provide native user interface experiences on both iOS and Android for integrating into mobile apps. The interface can be customised to fit your branding and integrated quickly into existing apps.

Frollo Link Mobile Providers Frollo Link Mobile Linking 1 Frollo Link Mobile Linking 2

See here for more details: SDK

Frollo Link Web Integration

API Only

Full customisation of the user experience and consent management process can be done by using the Frollo APIs directly. The Client APIs is used to provide the consent data and data holders available to link.

A high level view of the APIs involved are as follows:

Webhook Events

Frollo webhooks are used to notify you when CDR data has been updated or the user has finished the CDR linking process. By providing a webhook endpoint Frollo can provide realtime notifications on when data is available or provide data such as Consent Confirmation PDFs.

See here for more details: Webhook Events

CDR Data

CDR data such as accounts and transactions can be retrieved using the Client API or in a CDR compatible format using the CDR Banking API.

Both can be used to retrieve raw transaction data as well as the enriched data such as categorisation and merchant identification Frollo offer. We recommend using the Client API for the most feature rich experience or to leverage other PFM features.